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Item of Christian’s private collection of historic artefacts centering around the ritualistic use of psychedelics:

Dionysus is the god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, insanity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy and the theatre.

It is important to understand in this context that the wine of the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times cannot be compared with our today’s wine. It was often spiked – especially in religious context - with psychedelic substances – especially magic mushrooms and ergot.

Hellenistic Statue of Dionysus, 1st century B.C.

Here are some of our most recent appearances in media, podcasts and events around the world. Get in touch if you would like to see or hear Apeiron or Christian in action.

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09 JUL 2024

The ‘Steroid Olympics’: Inside the PED-Friendly Enhanced Games

Men's Health

11 JUNE 2024

Unsere Gesellschaft ist in Sachen Drogen pervers (in German)

Business Punk

04 JUNE 2024

Founding the super-human Olympics

Secret Leaders Podcast

03 MAY 2024

AI, Longevity & How To Re-Design Humanity For The Future?

The Innovation Civilization Podcast

02 FEB 2024

Could billionaire-backed Enhanced Games benefit human longevity?


30 JAN 2024

The Enhanced Games: Peter Thiel backs drug-fuelled Olympics-style competition


28 NOV 2023

Investing in the Next Human Agenda

Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023

04 DEC 2023

Investments in biotech driving climate action with Christian Angermayer

Forbes Middle East

01 DEC 2023

ADFW 2023: Interview with Aaron Weaver and Salvatore Lavallo, Apeiron MENA

Economy Middle East

29 NOV 2023

Apeiron to bring 10 portfolio companies to the UAE next year

The National, UAE

23 OCT 2023

This billionaire Is funding a psychedelic revolution

Dostcast with Christian Angermayer

06 OCT 2023

How to live into your 100s — diabetes drugs, sleep and mates


18 APR 2023

Christian Angermayer is on a mission to find a cure for ageing

GQ Middle East

28 SEPT 2023

Forget wonder drugs — here are the cheap, effective anti-aging hacks a billionaire longevity investor swears by


11 SEPT 2023

Gulf Sovereign Fund, Hedge Fund Tycoons Bankroll Biotech to Fight Aging


06 AUG 2023

Democratizing psychedelics: from ancient rituals to modern medicalization

The Psychedelic Podcast

24 JUL 2023

Psychedelics in Silicon Valley: founders looking for a creative edge


05 JUL 2023

Reassessing the psychedelic space

Psych Symposium

13 JUNE 2023

Global investment opportunities in high-growth sectors

Qatar Economic Forum

31 MARS 2023

Ageing is a disease, and Christian Angermayer is here to cure it

Esquire Middle East

08 FEB 2023

Psychedelic pharma & WEF from an insider’s lens

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

13 JAN 2023

atai Life Sciences investor Christian Angermayer addresses recent trial results and pipeline outlook

The Dales Report

30 DEC 2022

Christian's biotech predictions for 2023

Business Insider

02 DEC 2022

Christian Angermayer is on a mission to combat the mental health crisis

Grazia Magazine

27 NOV 2022

Are psychedelic drugs the answer to the mental health crisis?

The Times

17 NOV 2022

How legal psychedelics can cure mental health - Trade to Black #10

The Dales Report

01 NOV 2022

Ignore the press, why you should be excited about the world - billionaire investor Christian Angermayer

Secret Leaders Podcast

27 OCT 2022

Perspectives from Christian Angermayer, investor and founder in psychedelics

Business Trip Podcast

24 OCT 2022

Christian Angermayer: The role of role models

Business Insider (in German)

18 OCT 2021

Can psychedelics improve mental health? A conversation with Christian Angermayer and Uma Thurman

Milken Institute Global Conference

30 SEPT 2022

Investing in longevity and the science of aging


17 AUG 2022

These 5 investors are betting on helping you live longer and better


15 AUG 2022

Christian Angermayer on longevity and biotech investment: it’s bouncing back


07 AUG 2022

Christian Angermayer: Atai and Biotech a Big Opportunity, Investors Wrong

The Dales Report

31 JUL 2022

Christian talks psychedelics, life extension and crypto

Techsylvania 2022

12 JUNE 2022

Healing the mental health crisis

The emerging potential of psychedelics at CogX

08 JUNE 2022

A Conversation With Christian Angermayer

Grizzle Psychedelics Con 2022

23 MAY 2022

A perspective on the future of humanity with Christian Angermayer

SilentEgo Podcast

22 MAY 2022

Christian Angermayer bullish on psychedelic sector and life extension technology

TDR: Trade to Black Podcast

19 MAY 2022

The billionaire betting big on psychedelics

The Sifted Podcast

29 APR 2022

Crypto Bahamas Special with Anthony Scaramucci

Mooch FM

19 APR 2022

Elevating Consciousness

Christian Angermayer & Anthony Scaramucci at Crypto Bahamas

24 MARS 2022

Taste the Future with Liam Payne

Showcasing FoodTech start-ups in Beverly Hills

29 MARS 2022

Taste The Future: a celebration of the future of food

Apeiron and SOSV

22 MARS 2022

Professionally Psychedelics - Christian Angermayer

Professionally Psychedelics

09 MARS 2022

Rejuveron Investor Q&A with Christian Angermayer

Foresight Institute

22 FEB 2022

Deepak Chopra and European investors back new wellness start-up


31 JAN 2022

A pioneer's fireside with Christian Angermayer

CfC St Moritz 2022

08 JAN 2022

“Everyone thinks ageing is natural and inevitable. That's just not it."

Die Welt (in German)

04 JAN 2022

Investing in Human Longevity and Future Tech

The Best Business Show - Anthony Pompliano

17 DEC 2021

Social Media Is "Toxic To Our Brains" And Magic Mushrooms Can Help

Tyler Durden in ZeroHedge

15 DEC 2021

Apeiron's Angermayer on Technology for Happiness

Bloomberg Live

09 OCT 2021

Open Your Mind - With Kara Fisher


15 MARS 2021

A Billionaire’s Guide To Healing Your Mind And Extending Your Life

Podcast with Steven Bartlett: The diary of a CEO

03 MARS 2021

Presight Fund II announcement

Handelsblatt (German article)

08 JAN 2021

Playing with Unicorns

Podcast with Fabrice Grinda

14 DEC 2020

Investing in Innovation

Podcast with Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano

07 DEC 2020

Peter Thiel’s VC firm has become a strategic partner


15 NOV 2020

Psychedelic investor Christian Angermayer

Brunch with Sifted

24 SEPT 2020

A bet on magic mushrooms made one investor $316 million richer

15 SEPT 2020

OMR Podcast (German)

OMR Podcast (German)

03 AUG 2020

Elevat3 Fund I announcement

Handelsblatt (German article)

30 JUNE 2019

The psychedelics evangelist: A German financier