Most institutional investors usually just provide capital. In contrast, we provide a hands-on, value-add approach to our companies. We actively help entrepreneurs to create and crystalize value.


Most investment managers manage 3rd-party money and are thereby bound to an abundance of rules and constrains. We invest primarily with our own money and can therefore be a truly long-term and reliable partner.


We have been behind some of the most successful IPOs and venture deals over the last years and are well-known for this. As a result, many high-profile investors closely follow our activities and follow suit.


We are entrepreneurs at heart. We know, from our own experiences, that there will also be hard times in the lifecycle of any company. Companies need us most when others turn their back on them. We truly support our entrepreneurs.


We are the largest investor globally in psychedelics. Making people truly happy is our No. 1 goal. We act with integrity, commitment, and conviction.